“Bulles d’Aulps” capsules

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The best evenings happen under the stars... Close to Saint Jean d’Aulps village, in an enchanting setting on the edge of the forest, spend a night comfortably cocooned in your very own elevated “bubble” dome – the “bulles d'Aulps”!
Admire the stunning summits of the Vallée d’Aulps at sunset then, when night falls, enjoy the magic of the stars in a place where there’s total peace and quiet. The “Bulles d’Aulps” offer an opportunity to spend a night nestling between the trees. Because they are transparent, the domed bubbles let guests enjoy the surroundings to the full, spending a memorable night with views of the mountains and stars. Located on the south side of the village, visitors can enjoy a unique experience, immersed in an unspoilt setting. At nightfall, from your bed, just watch the fascinating and glittering star show above your head. And don’t forget to look below you too – all around your bubble there’s wildlife to see. It’s not uncommon to see squirrels, deer, foxes just metres away, with their tracks left on the ground. The height of comfort, our domes are now heated with pellet stoves!


Overnight: 345 € (included: night for 2 pers + breakfast + dinner with fresh and local products). Included: night for 2 pers + breakfast + dinner (additional person from 5yrs: 20€).


Chef lieu, 74430, Saint-Jean-d'Aulps
All year round.