“Snooc” ride at the Col du Corbier​

“Snooc” ride at the Col du Corbier​ image1“Snooc” ride at the Col du Corbier​ image2“Snooc” ride at the Col du Corbier​ image3“Snooc” ride at the Col du Corbier​ image4
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Try this USO (Unidentified Sliding Object) that combines ski touring and sledging! Light and extremely easy to use, the Snooc lets you explore and experience all the fun of a controlled descent – without having to be a skier!​
Going up couldn’t be easier; simply bring walking/sturdy shoes, then make your way uphill by sliding one foot in front of the other on skis which have artificial touring “skins” to help you do so.​ Once at the summit, it takes less than 3 minutes to transform your gear: put the skis together, fix the seat and away you go!​ Simply sit down to start your downhill journey. To steer, just move your shoulders.​ And in case you fall, don’t worry – you’re sitting down just 20cm from the ground!​ ​ Le Col du Corbier has several slopes that are suitable for the Snooc.​ ​ Rent your Snooc from Sport Neige Shop in Le Biot village.​


Col du Corbier, 74430, Le Biot
From 23/12 to 17/03, daily. Depending of the snow conditions. On demand.